State Standards:

  • ONREP has compiled the Oregon State Standards in this PDF.
  • OFRI provides the following document, Making Forest Connections: A Correlation of the Oregon Literacy Plan with Other Educational Resources (pdf), which identifies connections between the Oregon Forest Literacy Plan concepts and the following resources for Grades K-2:
         Oregon Environmental Literacy Plan
         NGSS Performance Expectations
         OFRI Materials
         PLT Conceptual Framework
         PLT Activities
         Project WILD Conceptual Framework
         Project WILD Activities
  • Oregon Department of Education: Supporting Oregon's teachers, administrators, and staff is a key part of the work done at the Oregon Department of Education. The links on their Educator Resources page include but are not limited to Standards, Essential Skills and the Oregon Educator Network.
  • Project WILD offers national standards correlations.
  • Project Learning Tree offers a section that contains national standards correlations.
  • OELP developed the Standards Integration: A Framework for Incorporating NGSS, Social Sciences, and Environmental Literacy into Classroom Curriculum.