We list all upcoming workshops on our website, please check back frequently. You are also welcome to join our mailing list, we send out our updated workshop schedule at the beginning of every month. Send us a quick email to be added to our mailing list!

ONREP workshops are offered at no cost to formal and nonformal educators in Oregon unless otherwise noted. This is made possible through generous funding from a local funder. Please contact us if you would like to attend a workshop but are not an educator in Oregon as there may be a small fee.

Yes, substitute reimbursement is available for formal educators who attend an ONREP workshop during school hours if their school hired a substitute to cover them. 

At the end of each ONREP workshop participants are asked to complete a short survey where they can indicate that they require subsititue reimbursement. ONREP will then contact the school districts for those educators and complete the reimbursement process.

ONREP offers professional development units (PDUs) for most of our workshops. If you would like to request a PDU certificate please indicate this in the survey that all participants are asked to fill out at the end of each workshop. 

On occasion, college credit may be offered for an ONREP workshop. In cases where credit is offered it will be indicated in the workshop description.

ONREP workshops are offered at NO cost to Oregon educators through external funding that covers all materials, fees, and instruction costs - unless otherwise noted. We want to make sure that as many educators are able to benefit as these resources allow. We often have to turn away educators for lack of space.

If you register and do not attend, the consequence is that the space reserved for you will go unused. We ask that you be mindful of others who would like to participate by letting us know as soon as possible if you are unable to attend. Contact us through email ( ) or phone (541-737-2128).

Workshop Materials: If we have distributed any materials to you and you are not able to attend the workshop, you will be invoiced for the cost of the materials plus shipping and/or handling.

ONREP's primary goal is the health and wellbeing of all facilitators, participants, and guests and as such we will take all steps necessary. All in-person events will comply with federal, state, Oregon State University, county, and local regulations as well as the policies of the event facility. More detailed information will be shared in the workshop confirmation email which is sent to registrants prior to the workshop.

We are excited that you would like more information about becoming an ONREP facilitator! Please email the Program Coordinator to find out if there are currently any open facilitator spots.  When there are open spots for facilitators we follow a three step process: 1. Fill out an application & phone interview, 2. Attend an orientation & training session, 3. Attend an ONREP workshop as a participant and then facilitate an ONREP workshop with the guidance of a mentor. 

Please don't hesitate to reach out with any questions you have!

At present we do not typically record our workshops in full because they are interactive and watching a recording would not give participants the same experience as attending it live (whether virtual or in-person).

Workshop registrations are not transferable. In the event that you cannot attend a workshop, please cancel your registration and ask your colleague or co-worker to fill out their own registration form for the workshop. If registration for the workshop has closed, please contact us directly.