Workshops, Institutes, and Programs

Upcoming Workshops & Events

ONREP workshops are offered at NO cost to Oregon educators through external funding that covers all materials, fees, and instruction costs.

Outdoor School Workshops will start with ODS in the title.

Other Workshops and Programs

ONREP Workshop Coming in Late June! A K-5 Focused Fire K-12 Essential Question Progression Workshop

Date to be determined. Information will be posted here when it becomes available: http://onrep.forestry.oregonstate.edu/workshops

Non-ONREP Events & Opportunities:

Job Opening! 

Classroom Teacher Position at John Muir Outdoor School,  Ashland Oregon School District. Applications close  6/18/2021 


Join the DIVE4Ag Project and Free Educator Development Program!

The OSU DIVE4Ag Project is recruiting educators to join the DIVE4Ag educators program. DIVE4Ag has stipends for middle and high school teachers and informal educators who have the capacity to commit to helping recruit and connect students to project activities, and attend professional development opportunities!

Become a DIVE4AG educator and receive a $1,000 stipend to commit to the following (registrations received until capacity is reached). 

  • Attend our monthly virtual professional development sessions (Total of 10 sessions starting August 2021 @1.5 hours each)

  • Recruit students/youth groups to participate in project activities delivered by us (see below). 

  • Participate in our 1-day DIVE4Ag Virtual Challenge with a group of youth (in 2022)

Can't commit? you can still join any of our project activities for educators. They are all virtual and FREE, and we can sign you up to receive our newsletter and share upcoming opportunities to get you or the youth you work with engaged in DIVE4Ag.

 Students you recruit as participants will have the opportunity to engage in all activities: Virtual Reality Ag Fieldtrips (through Xplore DIVE4Ag apps and/or VR kits provided), Beaver Hangouts (Ag education and college readiness led by college students), Ag Science Cafes (activities led by Ag professionals), Ag-related Challenge (event that brings all participants together to demonstrate what they’ve learned), and Teens As Teachers (stipend supported opportunities for high school students to help co-create on this project)!



Forest Discovery Trail

Do you live in the Corvallis area and want to do some exploring with students and children? Come investigate the Forest Discovery Trail!  This program has been developed to honor Dr. William Ferrell, the first forest ecologist hired by the College of Forestry. Download investigation cards and learn more about the Forest Discovery Trail

This program is through Oregon State University, College of Forestry, Research Forests