Grades 6-8


Project Learning Tree Curriculum:


Available by attending an online or in-person workshop
PreK-8 Environmental Education Activity Guide contains 96 multidisciplinary activities (46 PreK-12) that integrate core discipline areas, including STEM subjects, reading, writing, and social studies.
Energy & Society kit offers K-8 students opportunities to learn about their relationship with energy. The activities develop students’ critical thinking skills to help them make decisions about their personal energy use.


Available for purchase as an e-unit or at an in-person workshop

Carbon & Climate e-unit provides activities and resources to help educators introduce students to some of the complex issues involved in climate change.
Teaching with i-Tree includes three hands-on activities that engage students in discovering and analyzing the many ecosystem services trees provide. Students use the free, online i-Tree Design software – developed by the U.S. Forest Service – to calculate the dollar value of the benefits provided by a tree or a set of trees. Download Teaching with i-Tree.

Project WILD Curriculum:

Proyecto WILD contains translated activities from the Project WILD K-12 Curriculum and Activity Guide and the Project WILD K-12 Aquatic Curriculum and Activity Guide.

Available by attending an in-person workshop only 
Project WILD K-12 Curriculum and Activity Guide contains multidisciplinary, grade-specific activities that integrate core discipline areas.

Flying WILD - A whole-school approach to environmental education using birds as the focus. Targeted for the middle-school audience, though widely adaptable, Flying WILD offers practical hands-on classroom and outdoor field investigation connecting real-world experiences in bird biology, conservation and natural history.

LEARNFORESTS is the K-12-specific website of the Oregon Forest Resources Institute.

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OSU Extension Service

Lending Library - The catalog is the source for current, peer-reviewed, research-based learning materials published by OSU Extension.

OSU County Extension offices - Many Offices have equipment and kits to lend. Check with your county office.

National Project Learning Tree

National PLT Newsletter

GreenWorks! Grant Program - This grant program supports service-learning or community action projects for students.

PLT Activity Adaptations and Supplements
 ● Every Bee for Itself (pdf) is a twist on PLT’s PreK-8 Guide Activity 27—Every Tree for Itself. This activity focuses on the things bees need to survive: pollen, nectar, and shelter.
 ● This activity from Scientific American called Can Plants Help Slow Soil Erosion? helps students learn how soil erosion causes ecological problems, pollutes waterways, and increases the risk of natural disasters. Students complete an experiment to test the impact of methods to prevent soil erosion.

Other Resources

Talk About Trees - An interactive, science-based program for pre-school through eighth-grade students. Classroom presentations use forest artifacts, displays and hands-on activities to deliver an interactive presentation about forestry and Oregon’s forests. Cost: Free

Keep Oregon Green Ranger Program - An interactive, web-based fire prevention education program for children 8 to 12 years of age that encourages parent/teacher involvement. Students discover Oregon’s forests, learn about the types of human-caused wildfires that threaten forests, and explore ways they can help prevent wildfires. Cost: Free