ODS: Creating High Quality Outdoor Science Activities in ODS Programs

Monday, February 24, 2020

Time: 9:00 a.m. – 3:00 p.m.

Audience: outdoor school providers*

Curriculum and Resources: BEETLES "Creating Effective Outdoor Science Activities" Guide  


Are you an outdoor school provider* interested in developing, improving, and/or revising your programs curriculum? This workshop is for you! 

During this day-long workshop we will explore some of the characteristics of high-quality curriculum while practicing using the Outdoor School Instructional Resource Self-Evaluation Tool. Participants will learn strategies for revising and/or developing activities using the “Creating Effective Outdoor Science Activities” guide developed by the BEETLES Program out of UC Berkeley. This model uses the learning cycle to guide the process and lays out a student-centered approach to designing science activities focused on exploring and figuring out the mysteries of nature.

 Each participant will receive a copy of the Creating Effective Outdoor Science Activities Guide and lunch. $100 stipends are available to those not able to be paid through their organization for attending. Travel reimbursements can be made for those travelling from outside of Medford and living in Southern Oregon counties.  

 *Outdoor school providers are those who provide outdoor school programming to 5th or 6th grade students as part of  a week-long experience. This could include non-profit organizations, schools and districts, and/or natural resource organizations.

Note: This professional development is for outdoor school (ODS) providers and will be a continuation of the ODS provider gathering session held January 22nd and 23rd  that will introduce the NEW OSU Outdoor School Program Self-Evaluation Tool. If you attend the conference, we highly recommend that you attend this professional development.

If you are not able to be at the conference, this professional development will still be valuable for you to attend!

 Registration:  http://onrep.forestry.oregonstate.edu/creating-high-quality-outdoor-science-activities-registration

Central Point, OR