How do we do this?

Connections to Oregon and National content standards.

  • Materials correlated to the Oregon State Content Standards can be found on our website. We incorporate strategies for addressing standards through natural resource topics. National Content Standards are found on the websites for the programs below.

Partnerships with programs and curricula that teach science based ecological concepts through leading edge educational practices.

  • PLT is an award winning, multi-disciplinary environmental education program for educators and students in PreK-12. PLT, a program of the American Forest Foundation, offers extensive curricula, programs, and resources for educators. PLT uses the forest as a "window into the world," to increase students' understanding of our complex environment; stimulate critical and creative thinking; develop the ability to make informed decisions on environmental issues; and instill the confidence and commitment to take responsible action on them. Read more about PLT in Oregon.
  • Project WILD is a national environmental education program that fosters responsible actions toward wildlife and related natural resources. Project WILD is a program of the Council for Environmental Education which offers a wide array of curricula, programs and resources for educators. Through the curriculum and workshops for educators, Project WILD develops awareness, knowledge, skills that contribute to students as citizens making informed decisions, exhibiting responsible behavior, and taking constructive action concerning wildlife and the environment. Watch this introductory video. Read more about Project WILD in Oregon.
  • Alien Invasion: Plants on the Move is designed to integrate the topic of invasive weeds in the classroom and provide students in grades K to 12 with an understanding of the impact of invasive weeds on native ecosystems. Invasive weeds are the single most serious threat to biodiversity that our country faces today. The lessons in this curriculum are designed to raise awareness, increase knowledge, and engage students in action. Teaching about invasive weed problems in a classroom setting helps students learn important skills and concepts while developing a sense of responsibility and stewardship for the environment. Read more about Alien Invasion: Plants on the Move in Oregon.

Programs incorporate best practices in environmental education.

  • Program and materials adhere to the Guidelines For Excellence criteria established by the North American Association of Environmental Educators (NAAEE).
  • Program and materials promote environmental literacy by and using the Oregon Environmental Literacy Plan (pdf) as guiding document as well as other content specific literacy plans such as the Oregon Forest Literacy Plan (pdf).
  • Teach methods based on constructivist learning theory, and service-learn strategies.

Content based on up to date research and science to ensure scientific accuracy and relevance.

  • ONREP is a program within the College of Forestry and part of the Forestry and Natural Resources Extension program at OSU. With 35 county Extension offices, the Hatfield Marine Sciences Center in Newport and OSU-Cascades Campus in Bend, ONREP has an infrastructure to promote programs and stay connected with the communities we serve.
  • OSU is the state’s Land Grant university and is one of only two universities in the U.S. to have Sea Grant, Space Grant and Sun Grant designations.
  • OSU’s research extends to field sites throughout the Pacific Northwest and provide unique opportunities for teachers to learn about and participate in research. A partnership with H. J. Andrews Experimental Forest provides opportunities for teachers to get firsthand experience with research activities that can be transferred back to the classroom.

Professional development offerings are delivered using adult learning strategies and provide time for teachers to practice, reflect, and incorporate learning into lessons. Programs focus on building teachers capacity to incorporate lessons both in and outside the classroom.