ONREP supports middle and high school teachers in participating in intensive environmental science research experiences through partnerships with the Andrews Forest Long-Term Ecological Research program and other OSU researchers on the broader impacts parts of their research grants. All of these teachers develop ways to apply their rich science experiences with their students. We started this part of our resources page as a way to share the activities developed by these teachers with other teachers and the world as a whole. We do not intend for this page to serve as a comprehensive library of resources, but we will add to the list of activities as new ones are developed.

The activities shared on this page were designed through a collaboration of middle and high school science teachers, OSU scientists, and science educators, and as such have had a solid scientific review. These resources have been field tested in the classroom by the educators who developed the resource. 


Snowpack data investigation developed by middle school teacher Joe Cameron (2013)

Bering Glacier Investigation

Investigation of changes in the Bering Glacier using Landsat and Google Earth developed by a team of middle school teachers (Joan Swafford, Jeanine Hemel, Angie Ortiz-McNeese, Kristi Howell, and Jamie Rumage) and OSU scientist Peder Nelson (2013). 

H.J. Andrews Experimental Forest Tea Party

Lessons on ecology developed by High School teacher Molly Charnes (2013)